Phil ChenHello. My name is Phil Chen. Here is where I present all things me, both professional and not. I am currently founder of Systems Watch and DevOps Architect at GoPro. I like to dabble in a lot of things, and share info I accumulate along the way. Thanks for visiting my site!


:w !sudo tee % Thank you for saving me a lot of hassle when I forget I am less privileged
I have recently been working on a open source project (hosted on Github) called Process Watch. It monitors processes and workflows in your Linux system for anomalies or situations which when arise trigger predetermined actions you designate. I wrote this in PERL in 2006 but I am rewriting it in Ruby with a lot more functionality. It's been a lot of fun...
Happy New Year everyone, hope 2013 brings you happiness and joy. To those who thought 2012 was your last Year here on earth, I guess you can be happy the Mayans just got tired of adding to their calendar and it didn't really mean what you thought.